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Shepherd’s Gate– a movie and a movement

Shepherd’s Gate– a movie and a movement

October 11, 2020

Indie filmmaker and Clayton native Billy Higgins released a movie, Shepherd's Gate, that tells two stories, both connected to Livermore's Shepherd's Gate foundation – an oasis for women and children who have experienced domestic abuse. While less than 20 minutes in length, the film tells a compelling semi-autobiographical tale of a woman whose childhood included a stay at Shepherd's Gate and how that transformed her into the person she is today. 


We talked with Billy about his filmmaking beginnings, how the story came to be ("I'm going to do a movie about your life!", and the personal process he went through in making the film.


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The great martini/Martinez debate

The great martini/Martinez debate

September 17, 2020

While many cocktail lovers can't even agree on how the martini is made – vodka or gin, shaken or stirred? lemon or olive? – there is a bigger question lurking in the background: from whence did the drink originate? The answer is a battleground onto itself, with sharp lines being drawn between those who fervently believe that the Martini originated at a posh San Francisco hotel on one side, and those who believe the drink had more humble beginnings in the small town of Martinez, in Northern California. In this podcast we provide hard evidence to prove the case once and for all whom should lay claim as the home of the Martini.


Note that the audio is a bit off for this podcast – much of the original recording was done on a windy day and we didn't realize how much of the conversation was lost until editing. Hopefully you will still enjoy!

Steve Russo, Executive Coach

Steve Russo, Executive Coach

August 11, 2020

Welcome to this, the first podcast from 925 the magazine, featuring interesting people from the 925 area code talking about interesting things. On this episode our special guest is Steve Russo, a Walnut Creek resident who serves as an executive coach for a variety of top corporate clients. Steve takes us back to his roots, some early business successes and losses and lessons he's learned along the way. We also discuss what exactly an executive coach, and when might be the best time to get hold of one. 


We think you'll enjoy this conversation, and hope you find something of value in it. Thanks for listening!


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